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This isnt scary but its hella goofy! Keep up the good work!


That man got blasted for farting

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Best game ever with the funniest laughs! Especially the bit when the guy gets shot and says "Ahhhh!"

nice i won first tr


cool but i dont like it 


I lost on my first time and won on my second try nice game btw

10/10 Game

I won second try real proud of myself

I made a video on this game and honestly the game isn’t bad. Took me a while to understand how to roll a singular dice. Hope you enjoy the video!


This mini 'escape' game is fantastic, a great concept and quite creepy to play. Hopefully you will work on more games like this, great work!


i won the game in literally one shot it wasnt very scary but a good concept


Strange game, not what I expected. But has a lot of potential. Check out my video I made about on it!

Very short, 2 minute gameplay lol
starts at 5:30


Well this was a nice little horror experience! Didn't have jump scares but crazy clown with a gun certainly made it tense! RIP to the guy who laughed at him for farting lmao... 

PS. Time stamps added for the games played in this video! 


I played this game in my latest video and suprisingly actually won, it was quick and unsettling just like i like it.


I played this game and another one that's why the thumbnail doesn't match but its a cool game
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Cool game, wish there would be more though


This was fun! It wasn't really horror, but it was tense! There was a moment where I got 27 (the goal for that round) right before the round concluded, but I still died. Great game though!


This was a fun little horror game, I love simple stuff like this because it allows me to go as wild as I want in editing as well as challenges me to find creative ways to bring strong commentary! I could see a whole wild basement in Andy's just filled with difficult to escape traps as a horror Roguelike type thing!


Andy Mad About A Dice Game? True Hustler lol. Good Game Rendyl

This is very funny! I really liked it.


This game was so frustrating but yet very fun! I hope you liked it! 


I like this game but it's very frustrating  !

I'd love to see the game expanded a bit more, but solid!


This game had a fun idea behind it and it also intense the whole time.

this game is pretty fun and super short but i enjoyed gambling my life on a game

This game was intense lol funny and crazy! I'm not a gambling man but I tried my best with Andy! This was the final game in the video!


Great funny short game! Did get me kind of mad though, which I assume is the point 😂


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his name used to be ballsack, but he changed it randomly for no reason and told us to stop calling him ballsack. were trying to talk him out of it



chill dude you're going insane

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won in 2 rolls


god damn andy lmfao. you broke me 

Made a video


A pretty fun game! I wanted to bring back horror games on my channel and I couldn't think of a game better that this! BTW, here's the video! 


I guess...I guess you could...I guess you could say I'm on a...roll?


I felt like such an idiot while editing because I realized you have the controls listed here on the game's page 🤣

I spent a few rounds having no idea what to do and thinking it was happening on its own. But once I (kind of) figured out the controls, i made it work! This game had a really nice spooky and tense atmosphere! Great work! 


lol took me a little time at the beginning because I didn't read any instruction😅😅 But I still had fun!!


I BEAT IT AT 1 SECOND LEFT, I AM A LIVING LEGEND! In all seriousness this game had a very interesting and unique gameplay mechanic! It was short and sweet and I really enjoyed it! Keep up the great work my man!
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